Sunday, May 1, 2011

in only 68 days...

Grace & Jason are coming to visit!!!
Miss M has taken up the cause to make everyone know that it has been FOREVER and EVER since they visited and whenever she is sad, feeling tired, cranky, or in trouble and can't quite figure out why.... she blames it on the fact that Grace is NEVER coming back!

oh, but they are! They are coming in July, so Grace thought she'd try and help M's continual moaning and groaning that she has left us forever!

She sent a package of papers that we stapled together to make a chain and each day we will take off a link, and when the chain is gone, they will be here!

It's cute though, every time M groans about Grace being gone, Lulu immediately chimes in on Jason's behalf! And we are excited to for their visit!

And 68 days until their visit means...

34 days until Grandma Jan and Grandpa Bill and Sarah and Becca come (it's in writing S&B, you can't back out on us this time!!!!)

36 days until W and I leave for Hawaii!!!!



Grace said...

awwww how adorable!!! Yay!!!
I LOVE that picture!!! Makes me feel really good! I'm glad it came in time for you to start today! :)

Emily Larkin said...

Arg I am so jealous about Hawaii. You guys are gonna have so much fun. Have my own little count down. Only 66 days til Spike comes.