Friday, May 6, 2011

a list

1. It. has. been. a. week. It's been crazy busy and I can't wait to go to bed early or at least put my jammies on early!

2. We move in the next two weeks. I should probably start packing.

3. Mother's Day Tea is my new favorite event. I turned into a puddle watching my girl with her classmates recite a poem and sing a song to their moms.

4. My parents are on a diet and my Mom looks outstanding! Once again I'm blown away at how amazing she is.

5. It's been sunny and warming up but I still haven't made it into the pool. I intend to rectify that tomorrow, if possible. I'm excited for summer but not the heat. Wish I could have summer, the pool, but 70 degrees!

6. I'm infatuated with my new yellow box silver sequin flip flops. They are delightfully comfy and cute and I may have worn them every day this week.

7. I love book club. I need to write a review for Room, which we read for last night. I chose Moonlight over Manifest for June. I needed something I'd read before since we're moving.

8. I have borrowed a string of disappointing movies from the library, so I redboxed The King's Speech this week so W could finally see it and so we're better now.

9. I'm antsy. I can't wait for Hawaii but I also wish I could go west and visit all our family. We were spoiled the year we lived in Utah and I miss them all so much. And "Gra-son" needs to visit much longer than a week. Just sayin.

10. I love the McChicken. There. I said it.

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Grace said...

I want to stay longer, too, but can't. :(