Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A List

1. I love how the doors don't stick in the new apartment. I can now check on my sleeping babes late at night without the risk of waking them. I love watching my girls sleep.

2. I love McChicken sandwiches. There. I said it. I do.

3. I decapitated the head off a statue in the move. Stupidly. Like it made it to the new apartment safe and sound and I dropped it. Head clean off. It should repair quite nicely which makes me happy because it's the same statue that was in my Grandma Manwaring's living room of a mother in prayer, but it's not her statue, if that makes sense.

4. Miss M complained of a crampy stomach all afternoon and sure enough threw up this evening. All plans of working extra to gear up for a work-free (and therefore paycheck free) week in Hawaii are ruined.

5. I leave for Hawaii in less than two weeks!!!! That means Grandma and Grandpa Holman are coming in 8 days!!!!! We are so excited for them to come! And the girls!

6. Memorial Day=Cleaning the old apartment day for us. ugh

7. I can't quite decide what to make Miss M's teachers for end of year presents. But I need to do them soon since the last week of school, I will be across the ocean.

8. I can't believe I will be across the ocean from my babies. I didn't think it would bother me too much, but as it gets closer it is. The last time I was in Hawaii, I was pregnant with Miss M. In fact, I announced it to my family in the LAX airport. I got morning sickness and spewed Vietnamese food ALL over the bathroom on Maui, and I was carsick on the road to Hana when usually nothing makes me carsick.

9. I'm not pregnant this time.

10. We packed most of our things for the move in girl scout cookie boxes. They were ridiculously small, but my friend delivered them to me, they were nice and light and so they did the trick for the most part. But my Dad says people are going to start thinking we're cookie hoarders.

I can't think of many better things to hoard than thin mints.


Grandma Jan said...

I am so excited to be coming SOON! I am packing over the 3 day weekend for our trip to Little Rock. I still haven't unpacked summer clothes yet.
See you all soon.

Grace said...

I totally and completely agree with the thin mint comment!!! I'm glad things are going alright--except for m getting sick. :(
I'm excited for Hawaii too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barb said...

I miss Girl Scout thin mints. Did your house sell?? I don't think I ever saw a final on that.