Friday, May 27, 2011


This is my baby brother, Sam.
Wasn't he a beautiful baby?
This is Sam around age four, when he graduated from the Children's Behavior Therapy Unit, his preschool in Utah. He had just started talking.
See, this smiley, happy, busy boy is Autistic. He likes physics, electronics, weather, pool maintenance, xbox, Chuck Norris jokes, and action movies. He paces outside by the pool when he's stressed or there are too many people in the house. He doesn't always understand when people are upset with him.
He loves anything his brothers and Dad do. He has gone from looking like marvin the martian with his giant red motorcycle helmet on the back of Dad's bike, to recently taking lessons to (eek!) drive it himself. He used to only eat peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches and is now willing to try anything, loving Indian food, and always looking for a new hot sauce to pour on his food.
He is a most excellent uncle, always willing to help with his nieces and nephews, and relating to them in a way that he doesn't with everyone. Lulu has always loved Sam.
He is a workhorse, strong and quick, if he knows what he's doing, but just became undone in the kitchen when Mom asked him to sweep. :)

See, he's gone from a silent, nonverbal toddler to a brilliant, kind of strange, but uniquely charming young man.

He is graduating high school tomorrow. He has risen to be the top student in three of his classes, two of them AP classes. He has exceeded everyone's expectations, and I cannot wait to see what he does next.
Congratulations Sam! I love you!


Barb said...

Great post, but I don't like to get teary at work!!

kristin said...

Yay Sam!!! I can't wait to see what he does next, too!

Grandma Jan said...

Congratulations, Sam. Good for you. Your hard work and enthusiasm have paid off.

Heather said...

This gives my life so much hope, you have no idea!!! Congrats indeed to Sam!!!

mardie said...

I am trying to write through my tears. We are so proud of Sam and the incredible young man he has become. He is the epitome of "It takes a village to raise a child". There have been so many people who have loved and taught Sam. I have always been so thankful for these people. He is smart, kind and loving. He has a testimony of the Lord and His Gospel. We are so blessed.
(Heather, never give up!)

We love you, Sam.

Grace said...

I love this boy! He is truly an amazing young man! I had a hard time reading at the end through all of the tears I had! Thanks for posting this.