Friday, January 6, 2012

Book Club-My Kate Morton obsession...

Book Club was at my house last night.
I stress out about hosting book club. What if they don't like my book choice?
This month, they loved it!
We read the Forgotten Garden. You may remember, this was my Hawaii beach read. I have spent the six months after that trip trying to convince everyone that they should read this book.
 We had a great discussion about these wonderful characters, the cross-generation search for where you came from, and the great question that keeps you reading-what happened that day on the boat?????
I didn't re-read it because people needed my copy, but it was a joy to review and discuss it.  And eat cucumber sandwiches  as we talked about Victorian England! :)

I also encouraged them to try more books by this author.  Last month, I flew through her newest book, The Distant Hours.  It is written in a similar voice and style, with strong women characters, in my beloved England, with of course a mystery and a twist to keep you guessing! I loved it.  I loved the old spinster ladies and their nutty little sister-like the British version of Secret Life of Bees!
This is Morton's debut novel. I'm still in the early pages, but I'll keep you posted on what I think....while you check out the first two! :)


Emily said...

Adding it to my library request list! I actually added it to my goodreads after I saw your FB post about it b/c my book club is in need of a few good suggestions!

Musings from Minnesota said...

Love the suggestion. I read that she had a new novel but it's good to know that you enjoyed it. It's going on my read list also.

The Montaño’s said...

Oh can't wait to read her new one. I tried reading House at Riverton a few months back and just couldn't get into it. Loved Forgotten Garden and how awesome are you, cucumber sandwiches?!?!!!!!

Amy said...

Very timely post. I have been trying to get Forgotten Garden and Distant Hour for a long time now. They both came in today. I'm excited to read them. Which one should I start with?