Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's still January. I can still make goals!
Two years ago, I went with the word on my street: Love.
Last year, I made monthly goals that helped keep me on track a bit better.
This year, I'm going for an in between.

I'm going to focus on my ABC's.
My friend posted an inspiring article about The Abundant Life by President Thomas S. Monson in our church's magazine. I loved it,  the simplicity of it, yet how easy it was to apply to everything in life. Then I got my magazine this week and read it again and decided I really needed to focus on it.  Read it! The article is inspiring, no matter what your faith is!

Here are the ABC's for an Abundant Life!

Attitude! I need to have a better attitude  in life, in family, in love. I need a fresh perspective.

Believe! Believe in myself! Believe in the truth!

Courage! Have courage to make changes where I need to. Have courage to do things that scare me but I know I need to.

I really was inspired how it's simple and I can remember the three areas. But I can also apply it to almost every area of my life: my marriage, my family, my work, myself, my spirituality, everything.

And this year, I'm going to!

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