Wednesday, January 18, 2012

gelish nails

I'm not necessarily a princess, diva, what-have-you.  
But I do LOVE sparkles! I'm a sucker for anything with sparkles.
My wallet has sparkles.
I love a good fake diamond solitaire earring!
I have more shirts embellished with sequins than a woman my age probably should...
I'm not a diva. I'm not.
But I must admit, I've become addicted to manicures.
My dear friend has invested in a gelish nail system. It's like shellac. 
It's a gel polish that has to be cured with a UV lamp.  
It all started back in September. She suggested I buy her a color and she'd get practice by giving me manicures. It's the closest to a pyramid scheme that I've ever invested in.
 I've been a bit hooked ever since. I've had the first manicures since my wedding. (see those old hands? they look just like my grandma manwaring's hands!!!)

The best parts?
It lasts for up to two weeks. Seriously.
No chipping, unless a rookie like me tries to help out by putting on the base coat (seriously shortened the life of my last manicure)
It's shiny and pretty. 
 The above crappy iphone pics with my lovely evening living room lighting are actually the pink color below. Seriously.
But this color below?  Good gossip?
It's my current favorite! It was the perfect Christmas color! It was like wearing Dororthy's ruby red slippers on my nails!! 

What I've learned?
cuticle oil is worth your time.
Taking the gelish off the right way is worth your time.
a UV lamp someday may be worth my time. :)

The downfalls? It's a whole system so it's quite an investment, between the base coat, top coat, colors,  lamp, etc. it adds up.  But once you've done all that, you're hooked!

(ps-these opinions are my own, but wouldn't it be lovely if gelish noticed and decided to thank me with my own system? :)


Lindsay said...

Oh, I have got to try this! They look super cute. Thanks for letting me know!

Heather said...

LOL!! That's awesome! I've heard of "gel nails" but never did it, this must be what people are talking about then?!!? I just usually get a standard mani that ends up chipping within the week so maybe I'll try this next.

Emily said...

You are so funny! This post made me laugh and yen say "Good for her!" I'm glad that you have something fun on your fingertips - a mom should always feel glamorous in someway! Off to schedule a pedicure ;)

kristin said...

oh, good to know. i'll have to do some research. i LOVE having my nails painted, but sometimes the effort isn't worth the 3 days that it lasts...

Grace said...

Next time I'm there I'll have to have her do my nails, too!

The Montaño’s said...

I love this post. I got my toes shellaced in November before I had the baby and loved them! U say this lasts 2 weeks huh? Nail color usually lasts 30minutes on my hands with all hte wipeing and mopping and just getting them wet, but I will want to try this!