Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Life With My Girls

During choir practice, Miss M likes to color.  I love her creations.
 I love that her perfect neighborhood may have thunderstorms, but it also has a temple.

 Lulu has finally mastered the ice cream cone.  She is proud of herself for not needing my "help" anymore.
 She sported this shiner all through Christmas. Thanks again, to her favorite uncle. :)
 Don't worry, they still make her world go round!
 Miss M had a play date with her bff, T.

 They were such good sports to let Lulu keep up.
They keep me busy but I adore them. Good thing they're cute!


Musings from Minnesota said...

They are very adorable. Hope everyone is up and about after all the nasty colds and flu.
Love you all tons.

Grace said...

hahaha I love the temple she drew. I think the pin I've seen that says "if this isn't your castle, then you aren't my prince" fits for this cute little princess!
The shiner's gone away, right??? :)

The Montaño’s said...

Your girls are adorable!