Monday, February 6, 2012

10 things

1. my vacuum broke.  we got it when we were engaged. it's the end of an era.  and i don't know what to replace it with.

2. we are kind of obsessed with fanta zero right now.  i never knew i'd love orange soda. i feel like the natives in Joe vs. the Volcano.

3. i'm going to rip out Miss M's loose tooth soon myself. it's driving me nuts. but i also know i was a chicken about these things so i'm trying to be patient.

4. i'm hooked on lime and salt popcorn right now. sooo tasty. good thing i don't drink or i think i'd be a big margarita fan.

5. i made thirteen pink tutus last weekend.  i have pink tulle dust all around my chair where i sat and tied tutus for three evenings watching movies.

6. and a war wound to prove it.  never use a rotary cutter after 10pm. and always go with "the tutus are fluffy enough. you don't need to cut more tulle". especially when it's after 10pm.

7. i haven't had a cold sore in almost two years. add that to my list of war wounds this week. stressed, much?

8. W's new school schedule is Mon and Tues and i'm not such a big fan. it makes for a long week by the time we get to wednesday night.

9. however, i'll take it and only complain to you all because after this semester all he has left is his capstone paper!!!! yeah baby!!!!!!!

10. my baby sister is pregnant. my older sister in law is having twins next month. i have a huge crush on my newest niece, but i am pretty sure i cry every time i hold her. i keep asking her where her cousin is.


Lindsay said...

I love this list! We had a vacuum for so long, and it finally bit the dust, so we got a Dyson. LOVE it! That is exciting about your little sister having a baby. Hope you are doing well!

Admiral Joe said...

I think you should replace your vacuum with a new vacuum. Or an anteater.

Emily said...

So, I love our Dyson, but I got it on sale and with gift cards, so I'm not sure I would buy it without that (not that it's not worth it, but it's a lot to spend on a vacuum). Costco has some right now, though - might be worth looking into. And I've heard great things about the Kenmore vacuums.

Yay for Grace! How fun!

Amy said...

I stole your 10 things idea. I've had a bunch of completely random thoughts going through my head and that was a good way to put them down. I like Joe's comment. And as far as babie go, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Hopefully soon.

Jenny said...

Get the Dyson!