Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Valentines c/o Pinterest!

  A girlfriend of mine recently commented on FB that she thought Pinterest was a big letdown. Gasp!

 For me, just like FB or blogging, what you put into it, you'll get out of it. I love looking at pretty Pinterest pictures but I had a blast this afternoon actually creating some of the ideas we found for our Valentines! 

I wasn't that excited to decorate a kleenex box for Miss M's school valentines, but I found a few cute ideas on pinterest and let her pick her favorite. And so we created a birdhouse!

 Here is the best part. She kept saying the house needed a nest. I was being a little too controlling and said it was a birdhouse, it didn't need a nest. She then asked if she could draw one inside. I now admit, it's the cutest and my favorite part of the house! She drew three hungry baby birds in a nest with the mama flying in. It's too precious!
It was one of those wonderful moments where I realized how much we need to do this more. We worked together and then I let her go to town with the glittery foam stickers. We even had bird stickers!

We found a cute FREE printable valentine on pinterest and she loved them! So we printed them out and got cute pencils and suckers and we were set!
At her class party, each kid will be making two valentine pictures for their parents.  Here's our mockup of the first. Except instead of glitter stickers, they get to glue foil wrapped chocolates for their cards. 
I'll post pics of the other craft card soon!
Last but not least, we didn't forget our Dad! We made a candy bouquet, taping kabob skewers on the back of his favorite candy bar and sticking them in a vase. Hopefully he likes it!
And dinner tonight is from Pinterest too, but I'll have to report on that later, I have to go cook it now! :)


Grace said...

Very cute. I like em all! And the background is very fun!! :)

Spencer Family said...

Cute valentines! Ours came from pinterest too. I have definitely found some dud recipes from pinterest but if anything it gets my creative juices flowing and so for that I love it!

Musings from Minnesota said...

Love the birdhouse and all the goodies too. Hope you and the girls get my cards in time. Happy Valentine's Day.