Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lately Miss M...

Miss M has been on a GREEN streak at school! If she gets a week of green days for good behavior, she gets a mommy or daddy date on Saturday! With all the sickness lately, she had worked up three partial weeks of greens, so she got a special ice cream date with me! We had coldstone, chatted, walked around Kohl's, and visited Grandma's house where.....
 Grandma Mardie pulled out the wiggly tooth that she's been working on for a while!
Grandma is amazing. She totally distracted Miss M and she had no idea that Mom had pulled out her tooth until it was over and painless! 

We have been really focusing on prayers at home lately. We have been on a fabulous scripture reading kick and I can tell the difference it's making. We read the illustrated old fashioned Book of Mormon Stories that I grew up on every night.  On Sunday I watched as Miss M figured out one of the clues in primary because of what we'd been reading! We may actually be doing something right! ;)

Anyway, I had noticed that Miss M was getting pretty repetitive and speedy with her prayers lately. All of a sudden, we were praying for good dreams at dinner and blessing the food at bedtime. She was just speeding through without thinking of what she's praying for. So we've had lots of talks about talking to our Heavenly Father and what that means and how important our prayers are. We talked about thanking Heavenly Father for our blessings and not just asking for things.  The result  has been truly touching to us.  She is taking her time and saying LOOOOONG prayers :) and really going through and being thankful for things that are important to her.  She prays for all the babies on their way in our family every night and she mentions the world and how beautiful it is, and her friends and books and music and dancing and I love how it shows what's important to her.  

Miss M's reading has totally been taking off lately! It is pure joy to listen to her read! She picked up one of the Pinkalicious books recently and read the whole thing through slowly, working through the tough words.  I hope she loves reading like I do!


Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness, she is such a great little reader! How exciting! What a sweet, sweet girl you have!

Grace said...

Such a wonderful girl. I am so proud of her!! What a cutie!!
And it makes me feel so special to know that my baby is one of those she prays for and cares for!!
This is a very happy blog. I like it. :)

Amy said...

You are a very good mommy my friend. And are doing an incredible job raising sweet, thoughtful girls.