Friday, February 24, 2012


I got my feelings hurt earlier this week. Just a little thing, but I felt unwelcome.  It's a yucky feeling.
My low-self-esteem-self isn't strong enough for that. Which I find so sad.  I had really hoped I would outgrow low self esteem.

I expressed some of my feelings, and I got scolded by my mom for being catty. Also a yucky feeling and also something that I wish I could outgrow.  When I explained the whole situation, we both ended up in tears that each one was hurting.  

In the end, I decided my hurt feelings were not worth it.  I realized I probably was being a little catty after all. And the kicker is I think I turned right around and said something to hurt someone else in pretty much the same way.

I'm wondering when I'll learn. Or outgrow this.


Lindsay said...

You know, I still let things get to me, even though I should have outgrown it by now. It's hard. The only thing you can do is try again. You're such a sweet person, so don't be too hard on yourself.

Julie said...

I still get my feelings hurt, too. More than I like to admit. If you figure out how to outgrow it, please share the secret with me. :)

ps--i love your blog...and love your honesty!

kristin said...

you're brave, and these experiences only build character- which, for me, is what life is all about. consider it another small trophy in your case of life:)

wsuf said...

The fact that you're able to identify it & label it puts you a couple of steps ahead of most people. You'll get there, Liz. xoxo - Joye

Amy said...

I think you need to praise yourself and accept praise for all the good things you do and the good person that you are.