Thursday, May 10, 2012

summer fever!

Only 13 more days of kindergarten left!
I'm so excited for summer! I'm sure I'll be ready for routine by July :) but for now...

I'm looking forward to sleeping in... sometimes (a girl still has to work!)

...So You Think You Can Dance starts on May 24th! It's my favorite! :)

...we are spending Memorial Day in Minnesota! The girls are so excited to see grandparents and Aunt Sarah. baby brother is leaving on his mission on June 27th! He's going to spend two years in Nevada, sharing the gospel. Pretty amazing. cute little pregnant sister is coming to visit so we can all be in the temple together! All of my siblings together with my parents. Pretty awesome.


...I'm trying to be better prepared this summer with lots of activities-free movies, free bowling, summer library program, vacation bible school, fun stuff!

Counting the days!

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