Thursday, May 31, 2012


W is in his LAST class for his MBA.
We always understood it as an intense class where he writes a big capstone paper.
That's somewhat true.
It's a short summer class and he will be completely DONE by the fourth of July!
Boy, are we going to celebrate that holiday!
In the meantime, it may just kill us!
In the first week, he had two four hour classes, he has to read four chapters (and I mean REALLY read-he has never had to read like this for one of his classes), write a 25 page paper and prepare for a test on said chapters.
He has not had a class this intense in the three years we have been doing this.  Midterms or finals, yes. But I'm pretty sure that this whole month is going to feel like finals week.
It should be loads of fun!
My poor guy is stressed and tired and already so overwhelmed with so much.
The good news is that we are already 1/5th of the way through. The bad news is that we have four more weeks of this fun!
We can do this!


Joye said...

Oh I feel his pain!!! And senioritis!!! :) You may have already told me, but remind me of what he's studying?? Fortunately, I finished my last class at the end of spring semester (could barely believe it!!). Unfortunately, I have comprehensive exams in August & have to propose my dissertation in September.

Musings from Minnesota said...

Good luck - you can do this.