Wednesday, May 23, 2012

what we learned in kindergarten

This is Miss M and the lovely Ms. Snow.  We will miss her, but we learned she's moving to 2nd grade so maybe we'll get more of her wonderful tutelage!
Miss M graduated today! And this year:

she learned to read!
she learned to add and subtract!
she learned about plants and patriotism and weather and much much more!
she learned to make new friends and she cherished her old ones.
i learned that being the room mom is expensive.  i don't think i'll do it next year, but i know i'll do it again.
we learned that it would help if there were more than five girls in a class of twenty...drama!!!
i learned that while it's weird that my daughter's teacher is younger than me, she is a brilliant gifted teacher!
she learned to discipline herself.
she learned perseverance.
i learned to not freak out every time she had a rough day.
we learned to finally do our homework.  hopefully next year won't be such a shock now.
i learned that my girl is smart, beautiful, independent, a free spirit, and just lovely.

but then, i already knew that.


Musings from Minnesota said...

Another graduation. Lovely. We are so proud of Megan. Congratulations to all.

Clarinda said...

Congrats, Miss M!