Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Flowfer Pants

M is obsessed with jeans, aka "flowfer pants". (flowfers are code for flowers) Just about every morning, she begs to wear flowfer pants. For days, I tried to offer yoga pants covered with flowers and other pants with embroidered flowers. Heavens, more than half of her wardrobe has flowers all of them! But she would get all upset and point at my jeans. That was when it dawned on me that she really just loves jeans! and wants to wear them ALL the time! Which became a problem when we moved here and we didn't have the clothes from the moving truck for a week. All we had were her overalls which she insisted on wearing each and every day during our trip. Including every day here until the truck showed up. She was so excited this morning when I pulled out two more pairs of jeans (we've finally learned the correct terminology!) to stretch her wardrobe a bit!M in day two of her flowfer pants on th etrip out here.

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Teriney said...

i love jeans too!