Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Sweet Things

I am loving having more time with my best little friend. Even when I'm sick of princesses :) A few fun moments:

-Having M know and sing the words to all the princess songs on her CD (when she isn't demanding to listen to certain ones over and over...)

-Watching M devour an ice cream cone. She wouldn't even let me help. She wanted to finish it herself and ended up with ice cream all over her nose and lips. So cute!

-When M brushes her hair back from her face. It can't be described but I must get it on video because it's so sweet!

-When M wants my attention and yells, "Mom! Talk me!" Especially when she just wants me to watch her play or sing or dance.

-Having M interrupt my doing dishes to say, "Mom! Dance me, please!" I love dancing with her!

-Yesterday, when she sang along with "Belle's Song" and sang the words "bonjour, bonjour" but it sounded like "achoo, achoo". It was sooooooo cute!!!

(I can't find my camera cord, i'll get to uploading new pictures soon, i promise!)

1 comment:

Grandma Jan said...

What I won't give for one little - "Uhma, talk me!" from our special little two year old. I love to hear what see is up to. The ice cream sounds wonderful. I hope you have photos.
Love, Grandma