Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our Weekend Surprise!

My parents came for the weekend! We got here on Tuesday and we knew my sister was coming down from Idaho for the weekend for conference, but we didn't tell her my parents were coming. In fact, we didn't even know until Tuesday that they were coming. It was so fun though! My sister got here Friday night and we were hanging out with cousins when my parents walked through the door! However, I have to admit, I blew the surprise an hour earlier! Oh well. It was still great! We were able to watch conference together, relax, visit family and have fun. I think my parents should live near their girls, not their boys, but apparently my vote doesn't count for much! :)
I'll post pics soon hopefully!


Grace said...

i agree. the girls should be loved more... :)

Teriney said...

lol...i don't concur....for selfish reasons.