Tuesday, July 22, 2008

There Her Peence!

We just got back into town from the lovely wedding of W's cousin, Em. It was a fun weekend and we are so glad we were able to go. I don't have many pictures yet-I leave that to Grandma Jan :) but you can see how beautiful the wedding party was.

Every time M would see the bride and groom, she would say, "I see Emmy!" and then "There her peence!" (prince) I sort of suspect she can't remember Baird's name, but it was still completely adorable!
It was my first Catholic Mass, so someday I'm going to have to sit down our cousin and have her educate me on it. It was a beautiful wedding and lovely reception. M danced the night away (literally!) and had a blast with her aunts and cousins running around and dancing until WAY after her bedtime!


Grandma Jan said...

Great photo. I'll be sending more soon. Hope to get a couple CDs done this week.

Take care and send news when you can.
G Jan

Linz said...

M says the CUTEST things! Hope you are feeling well. Thinking of you...

Emily said...

It's so fun to see pictures! I had so much fun dancing with M and spending the time I was able to with you and W. Can't wait to hear news about the next little one - thinking of you!