Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blasts from the Past

So this past week, I keep running into people from my past. 

At work last week, I ran into another very pregnant woman who is a nurse at my hospital and she looked so familiar.  Yeah, she was at my high school.  We definitely didn't run in the same circles-I being a choir nerd and her being a cheerleader but she recognized me once I got up the guts to say hello! :)

Then last Friday I went to a baseball game with my cousins.  It was so fun but I'll share pics of that later.  Anyway, I looked down the row from us and there was a girl who totally looked like a neighbor of mine in the dorms almost nine years ago!!  She was!  In fact, she was also the wife of one of the baseball players on the opposing team!  I was brave that night too and went over to ask if she was indeed Heather and she was and totally remembered me!  

I used to dread running into old acquaintances!  When my parents moved back to where I went to junior high, I worried I'd see people all the time but haven't.  I kind of have worried about the same here but this is the first that it's come true!  Luckily it was positive!

In the more recent past, a friend had lunch with me today and it was lovely.  I miss my friends in Minnesota so it was so nice to visit with her and get updates on people who I know and miss! 


Allyson said...

Okay, I am curious...which Heather did you run into? Heather RA, Heather Red, or Heather Long Legs? Oh sheesh. I can't believe I remember their nicknames!!

Liz&Meg said...

Heather Red!!! I couldn't remember her last name either but she remembered mine! She has a four month old baby boy too! She looked great! cool, huh!

Teriney said...

Hey this is about your last post...keep us posted on Bill. And thanks for the shout out on Joe! Hooray we are done!!!

Admiral Joe said...

i have to say that i thought I was the only one that was apprehensive about running into old friends in Little Rock. my reasons might outweigh yours.

Halley said...

Hey Liz! I had so much fun at lunch with you the other day and I would love to do your hair before we head on back to the "ice hole." :) Let me know when. Hope you're feeling O.K. :)

Lindsay said...

Hey there! It's Lindsay from Minnesota!! I found your blog through Sam Payne's and wanted to say hi!!! I hope you guys are doing well. I am loving being a mom and am so glad it finally happened!!! I went back to work three weeks ago.......everything is still the same :( Oh well!!! Check out our blog: Say hi to Will and Meg for me!