Saturday, July 26, 2008

White Fence Farm

So it was almost a week ago, but I'm trying to space all this out. Last Sunday, Grandpa Bob took us all to dinner at White Fence Farm. It's an old tradition apparently. You have a big fried chicken dinner served family style (not my style of sides though- I have to admit, I had trouble with the beets, cottage cheese and coleslaw-so basically I ate a bunch of chicken and corn fritters-but the corn fritters were to die for!) and then there are places to walk around and explore outside.

M was such an angel Friday and Saturday for all the events, I guess it was impossible to expect three days in a row but she had had it! She was exhausted and cranky which made her hot, tired, pregnant mommy cranky! So fun! Luckily after dinner, she got to visit the petting zoo and playground and of course that made it all better! M and Bev feeding the goats.  The goats were all over free food!  And Bev's daddy, Sterling, was all over supplying the girls with food!  I, on the other hand, discovered why I've never been to a petting zoo! No thank you!!! I was so much more grossed out by it than I expected and I just had to separate myself from the gross things getting all over M's hands!  I told W that this was going to have to be his gig because I couldn't handle it! 

they also had sheep and a pig and a steer.  The steer totally slimed Bev's mommy, Mae, when she fed him and then tried to gore Ster!  So we stayed away from him!
I have no idea when they got this one-it was at the playground and I'm so glad they did! Too cute!


Linz said...

They have one in Chicago that we used to go to when I was a kid and I swear I would eat like 20 of those corn fritters!

Grandma Jan said...

I love the new layout! You do the best updates. The Colorado photos are great and your comments are endearing.
G Jan