Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All For One Halloween!

Halloween afternoon, W took M shopping.
LG NEEDED a nap and M was so excited for the day that she kept waking little sister up. So they left to run errands and I stayed to keep the house quiet!!
They picked up a pumpkin and brought it home to carve!
M was a trooper and so into everything we did!
She drew the face she wanted us to cut out on the pumpkin and had fun coloring ALL over the pumpkin! In the end, she picked out shapes and I cut it out.

For Halloween this year,
M wanted to be a Musketeer.

That is, a Barbie Musketeer.
Her name was Corinne.
She wore pink and had a pink cape and a pink mask.
If you don't believe me, watch the movie. It's cute actually.
I took the easy way out! I told her that she could wear her sleeping beauty dress from last year, made her a cape and a mask and she got a sword from her uncle!
LG was our angel.
She didn't need to dress up. But I put her in a tutu and she wore her onesie that says Angel on the front and has wings on the back.
This is M and her friend Emily at the church trunk-or-treat. Her dress was so fun!
And of course Halloween night we gathered with the cousins to trick-or-treat. It was so fun for them all to be so excited!!
Duke, Barbie musketeer, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, bride, flamenco dancer and angel. We were quite the diverse group!


Grandma Jan said...

Lovely. Looks like Halloween was fun. I love M with the sword salute. Quite the girl - her costume turned out great. LG is adorable too and such the little angel. Thanks for sharing the photos. I miss you guys.
G Jan

Grace said...

soooo adorable!!!! I love the pictures! so much fun!! I miss halloween with kids! it's a lot more fun with kids than with adults :)

Jason said...

Those are cute kids and I can't wait to see them in about a week. I loved the costumes, kudos to them and the parents.

Emily said...

Ahhh, the other Emily :). What a fun Halloween, love the Musketeer costume. Beverly was telling me at Kate's birthday that she's going to be a Musketeer next year - wonder if Miss M's visit had an influence on her? Or is that a mainstream movie in the 4 and under set?

Liz&Meg said...

the other Emily is a riot, huh!
Musketeer's are in! I'll have to offer her pink lame cape! The only way to go!! :)