Friday, November 13, 2009

My latest creations

First, I fell in love with the red, pink and orange floral fabric.
Then I went gaga over the black and white brocade.
So, I found two more fabrics to go with them and copied my friend's idea to turn my twirly skirt into a twirly jumper!
I was thrilled with how cute they turned out! They still need a bit of tweaking and I wish I'd made the tops a bit more like a normal jumper bib but they're still bright and fun and cute!
fun tidbit: LG's shoes were MINE when I was little! M wore them too and I love it! Except that M was walking when they fit her. LG is still crawling and I must admit, the rubber sole isn't very rubbery anymore so they won't be reappearing until she's walking and not kicking me with her thirty year old stiff shoes anymore! :)
LOVE these cute girls!


Claire said...

I LOVE them!!! Do you have a pattern you used, or did you make it up? Cause I really want to make some for my girlies!

Jen said...

SO cute Liz! I would love to do more sewing, but there just aren't many cute things to make for boys! Your girls are adorable!

Claudia said...

Those dresses are so cute. I love them. Someday I'd love to sew....I can't believe how big the girls are they are gorgeous :)

Grandma Jan said...

Adorable jumpers. Adorable girls. It melts a grandma heart to see her two adorable granddaughters through photos often. Thanks for sharing.