Tuesday, November 3, 2009


M always wants to get to the next big thing. Ultimately, she'd like it to be her birthday today.

And every day.

For weeks, it's been
first it's Halloween
then it's Gracie's wedding
then it's Thanksgiving
and THEN Christmas (W is reminding me that when M relates it, she skips Thanksgiving, not important on her scale!)

Well, Halloween is over.

That means Gracie's wedding is next!!!!!!!!!
AUGH!!!! Let the crazy month of November with birthing babies (not mine, thank heaven!), weddings, visitors, holidays and general merriment and fun!

Wish us luck!!

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Grandma Jan said...

You do have a busy month ahead of you. Have fun and send photos. You will have lots of family photos to share from Gracie's wedding for sure.