Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How's that list coming?

Well, I've made time to blog. That's one thing!
And I made the nail reservations!
But I still have to hem those darn dresses!
And find black heels! I searched high and low Friday to no avail.... but I did find a pink tie! You're excited to see it on W, arencha? :)
But we're getting there.

And to reward your patience. Here's some cute randomness from miss LG.
She LOVES loves loves Sam! She lights up when he enters the room. She clamors for him to hold her. Last Sunday, she was just sacked out relaxing on him. so cute.
And she also spent some quality time watching football with Daddy. She stood up and peeked over the back of the couch while I worked in the kitchen, loving that she could peek at me!
Learning, Touchdown!


Amy said...

getting closer to the finish line!

Emily said...

Love her touchdown pose! Very cute.

Grandma Jan said...

So cute and such an adorable daddy. Sure loves those football games. Good that his daughters enjoy them with him too.