Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow and such

This is what the big deal is about here. It seems to be wreaking havoc all over the country.
It doesn't snow like this in Arkansas very much. It's beautiful. I am ready for it to be gone!!!
LG is not much of a fan of snow. She is, however, a fan of yogurt. Especially when used as a hair pomade!
M is definitely a fan. Ice angels are fun!
The snow gives her zombie eyes. Or it could be my hubby's snazzy alma mater hat! You should see my Utah State hat! yes, we're dorks!
Just because you're going out in the snow does not mean that you can't wear a skirt. As long as it's over two pairs of pants. Then you're good!


Spencer Family said...

My favorite are the snow shoes! If this crazy weather keeps up you might need to invest in a pair of snow boots for M. :)

Liz&Meg said...

so true! we bought the coat big while we were in MN and it's been waiting for her to get big enough. the hat's been around for years, but yes, the best we could do were Mommy's oversized gloves and her own tennis shoes that weren't exactly insulating!!

Grandma Jan said...

We have snow banks taller than M! Hey, the ones beside our driveway are almost taller than me. I've been wearing my boots everywhere since Christmas. But then I am in Minnesota. And we will probably have snow covering the ground until May. It's just like that some winters.
I love, love, love the snow photos. W, M and L are so adorable and your comments are the best.
Just think, L has enough hair to actually stand out. She is so cute.
Hugs and Kisses.

Grace said...

love it!!!!!