Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vancouver, anyone??

I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!!! It's true. I do. This is the first Olympics where I haven't had a baby since 2006 though! (just a fun trivia bit for you!)

I love the winter Olympics especially. I'm a figure skating junkie. Even more than I'm a gymnastics junkie in the summer games.

I admire the athletes. I admire the Georgian athletes and the trials they've overcome already with their teammate's death. I admire the athletes' skill and talent and how they represent their countries... but I still think Shaun White should cut his hair! :)
I thought the opening ceremonies were wonderful. I'm such a sap. I can get teary just at the Olympic music! Yes, Beijing's opening ceremonies were outstanding but you have admit, last night's show was fun too!
But I didn't want to hop a plane to Beijing when they were over. I was just fine enjoying it on my TV.

Vancouver? Not so! It's breathtaking!
The water, metropolis, mountains, everything were so amazing to me! I bet their tourism spikes over the next year after this!

Sign me up!


Amy said...

I'm right there with ya! I'm always amazed the the skills and talents of the athletes. And yes, Shaun White needs a hair cut. I could not convince my kids he was a boy.

Grandma Jan said...

Let's go. It would be exciting to be at the Olympic events but I rather see the sights in July or August when there's less snow. I've had my fill of that fuzzy stuff here in Minnesota this winter and February is not even over.
I do love your post. You have made the Olympics and Vancouver proud.

Emily said...

It's gorgeous, and it's on my list, too. Cousin's roadtrip? Lol - maybe right after the girl cousin's trip to NYC?