Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February Love

Remember my goals last month?

Here's my report!

1. Read from the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY!
Can I cross this out if I can count the days I missed on one hand? We house-sat at my parents for a few days that threw me off track but otherwise, so far so good!

2. Make my bed a sacred place.
Well, my daughter's asleep on it right now but naps are sacred too! We did much better making the bed!

3. Re-organize the kids' room and my crafts.
The clothes have been organized, the toys are put away so much easier, there's more room, success!!!
The craft table is cleared off and today I'm moving the serger into its new home!

4. Make something new with my brand-spankin-new serger!!!!!!!!!
Close. I have a half-made skirt. It was derailed by the vomit. It will be done this week! :)

5. Cook more than we have been.
We have definitely improved in this area.

1. Read from the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY!
2. Cover the couch. It's a comfy couch but I would like the tapestry flowers to go away!
3. Make another something new.
4. Cook a new recipe.
5. Start Lucy's scrapbook!


Emily said...

Oooh, post before and afters of the couch! I like cotton duck from walmart for this, personally - it's cheap,washable and durable. But wash and dry it before you sew, or you'll have a slightly too small couch cover like me.

Grandma Jan said...

I like the idea of 5 goals for the month. I have yet to list my goals - maybe next month. I do love reading everyone else's though.