Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January Love

While I may not make yearly goals, I feel that I need some monthly goals to accomplish my "word of the year" or "word of my street".

1. Read from the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY!
This is easy for some of you.
This is unfamiliar for others of you.

And while I believe it's a necessary part of daily life, like water and air, I obviously have forgotten that of late. I've challenged my hubby to race me to the end in the hopes that a little competition will help us along in reforming these habits.

2. Make my bed a sacred place.
I don't mean this in a cheesy or dirty way, although a bit of that might not hurt either!
I mean, no more toys, no more kids making it their play ground. They have beds of their own!
I mean, more making my bed every day.
I mean, no more dumping of piles and junk to sit there only to be discarded elsewhere when we're too tired to take care of it at night.
It's a beautiful bed and it deserves more respect!

3. Re-organize the kids' room and my crafts.
This is a biggie. This is gonna bring me some love from the husband, big time! Whenever we clean out the girls room, something magical happens.
They play in it!!
Not in my living room!
And I have some ideas to make the most of our little rooms that need to happen.

4. Make something new with my brand-spankin-new serger!!!!!!!!!
Yes, yes, you heard that right!
I told my sweet hubby that he could combine my birthday, Christmas and anniversary into one and he did! And he totally hid it from me.
Can I tell you, I'm just a little bit excited????

5. Cook more than we have been.
I won't admit to you how little we've been cooking.
It sounds really disgusting to admit that I only made dinner once last week, until I remember that in the past seven days, we have eaten at my parents' house for six of them. Then I feel less guilty.
But there have been plenty of meals out too. And that has got to stop!

So, I know this isn't a grand list by any means. But it's a start. And now that you know about it, you can hold me accountable.

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