Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lately... LG

my little miss just turned 16 months. i can't believe she's that old!

she's a funny bug who is mostly content with life but has had a nasty cold and a new sassy side came out! if she doesn't want something, she will shove it away and say "uh" like she's yelling no!

she nods her head and shakes her head quite appropriately. it's funny to me, you can ask her pretty much anything and she'll tell you how she feels about it!

she is not walking yet. our hometeacher has nicknamed her "scooter" which does sound better than "gimpy", i must admit!

she squeezes her eyes shut when she smiles. admit it, you want to kiss those cheeks!
she signs "more" for everything!!! "more" basically means: more, please, want, do it again, now, up, need, food, pacifier, you name it!
she does also say a few things when she's not busy grunting or growling at you! :)

she says: baby, ball, up, ma, more, "mam" which means pacifier and Sam, shoes, socks, sis, book
she put up with these jeans for the photo shoot but she complains about anything that squeezes her buddha belly and spends most days in yoga pants and robeez. she has destroyed the robeez that were her sister's. she better start walking or she's going shoeless soon!

her hair still curls when it's humid and i hope it keeps going but it has been so much straighter during the dry winter!
she loves to dance! she loves anything with music! if she hears any music, she immediately starts shakin' her butt!

she loves listening to music in the car and will complain (aka scream) until we turn some music on or I start singing to her.
her big blue eyes melt me!


The Montaño’s said...

She is adorable! Macey just started walking before Christmas and she's 16 months as well...:)

Grandma Jan said...
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Grandma Jan said...

A very nice description of an adorable little girl.
Give those cheeks a squeeze for me and give her a great big hug too.
Grandma Jan