Saturday, January 23, 2010


Here's what I love about this picture.
The boys are having fun.
They're wearing earrings and bracelets and fully embracing the fact that the point of the game is to get dolled up and move your sleeping beauty marker around the board until you're the prettiest princess, I mean, pirate.
And then there's my girl.
See her? The one on the right? The one who is obviously winning but still whining and crying?

My sister in law told me she heard a talk on Oprah or something about raising the dramatic child. I was mildly insulted at first. Not that I didn't know she was a drama queen, but that I hadn't fully embraced it as more than embarrassing to be raising a drama queen, but, well, embraceable.

Here are a few things I've learned in almost four years of parenting this dramatic child.

1. Pressure doesn't work.
It didn't work with potty training and "riding bikes" at the park ended in two grumpy parents and one whiny girl sitting on her bike begging for us to take off her helmet!

2. Enjoy the quirks, I mean perks!
It is totally okay to leave the house in one silver shoe and one black. In fact, be proud if one is a left shoe and one is a right. (but still ignore if they're on the wrong feet, that will come later!)
Also, the more layers (skirts) the merrier!

3. It IS worth crying over a movie, sucker, chocolate, temping princess, barbie or dress!
I might as well accept it and move on that we will break down and lose it over toys and treats. And that I will NEVER be fair. Oh well. She told me today that at her birthday party I should dress up as the stepmother. Well, that's me!

4. It is okay to lie to your child.
If you're telling your child that yes, all the other cousins are going home now when you have to go to bed. No, there is no more ice cream or chocolate in the house. Yes, Mommy and Daddy are going right to bed after you do.
It's just easier.

5. Always remember to ask what her imaginary husband wants to watch during quiet time.
I've tried telling her he doesn't exist. But he does in her world. So I've backed off to only jumping in when she tells me "he's kissing me too much" and talking about what's appropriate. I'm so doomed when she's a teenager!!

I'm sure I have many more lessons to learn. When I figure out how to be patient with her and help her to not lose it over, well everything, I'll let you know!


Becca said...

Oh wow. I LOVE this Liz. Megan is too funny. Love number five ;)

Sarah Bev said...

This is too cute! Love it - I miss all of you and watching Megan come up with these things :)

Grace said...

I agree with Becca. Number 5 is my favorite. and the more skirts the better. She and I are so alike in that area! maybe she'll be an angel teenager like me!!! ;)
and the picture's hilarious with all of the boys dressing up and loving it... :)

Tati said...

This was so funny to read! I think we are both in for it. With all these girls, it's gonna get even more crazy in the teenage years!

Grandma Jan said...

Number 3 made me laugh - I needed that. So what does a stepmother wear to a birthday party of a four-year-old??
She may be a drama queen but it runs in the family. I am so happy that you can capture it for all of us to enjoy.