Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birthday Season

Tonight we celebrated W and M's birthdays with the family!
They may share a birthday but they refuse to share cakes!!
This year it was Belle. Don't look too close. It's not my best work but M was thrilled (and apparently Ev was ready to sing opera!) and that's all that matters!
Could they be any more excited to eat cake???

Happy early Birthday to my boy and my oldest girl. I love them!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow to W and M! Cakes look good to me!!!

Grace said...

cute! the cake looks great!!! Just wait til I do it! it's gonna be scary!! :)

Linz said...

Love the Barbie cake!!

Sarah Bev said...

Wow I can't believe M's already 4! Happy birthday to both M and W tomorrow, wish we could have an H-family celebration too! The cakes are super cute :)

Grandma Jan said...

We'll have an H-family celebration in March here. Cakes look yummy. I love M's dress. Happy Birthday to both W and M.