Monday, January 4, 2010

Jesus Wants M for a Sunbeam!

to shine for Him each day!
In every way try to please Him,
at home, at school, at play.
A Sunbeam!
A Sunbeam!
Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!
A Sunbeam!
A Sunbeam!
I'll be a Sunbeam for Him!

Can she really be a Sunbeam already?
Yes!!! I cried. Is that sad? I'm so doomed when she goes to school!
She was so good!

She has a wonderful teacher who was sweet and kind to her and had a cute sun on her chair with her name on it. M wasn't so sure at first until sweet Sister Pierson told her that she had sugar cookies with sprinkles for a treat for later. And she had M hook, line and sinker!


Grandma Jan said...

I heard she moved up. What a big girl?!! She is growing up so fast. We are so proud of her.
Love, Grandma and Grandpa

Katie said...

It's hard to believe she's only a sunbeam now! (being that she is close to a year old than Ash). Ash started Primary yesterday too, and is 6months younger than the next youngest sunbeam and what a difference it makes. I didn't cry, I was excited for him. He tried to army crawl his way out at one point, but was retreived and told he was too big for Nursery now. Wow, and Lucy will be in nursery in a month and half! No tears there right? that;s always the best!