Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the best cupboard in the house!

is the soap cupboard!!

At least at Grandma's house it is!

Do you have a soap cupboard? You should! It's where you keep your small hotel sample soaps. Don't think it can fill an entire cupboard?

Oh yes it can!

...and if you're seventeen months old and it's at your eye level, it is the best! You can mess up Grandma's pretty piles, unwrap them, move them all over the bathroom while your Mom is showering....

sounds like fun, eh?
LG thinks so :)


Grace said...

honestly, if I didn't have to clean it up, I would do it, too... :)

Grandma Jan said...

It does sound fun. You go, LG. This is Grandma Jan approved.

jenny said...

We have a "soap basket" under our sink and I think Call just recently grew bored of playing in it when I got ready. Soap. Who knew?

jenny said...