Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mostly... M

M is still recovering from the fact that Grace left...again
she doesn't quite understand why Grace insists on going to college! she reminds me of Beth in "Little Women". "Why can't things just stay as they are?"
yes, she is this dramatic.
yes, all the time.
right now, she's also very emotional. if she's in trouble or upset, IT IS THE END OF THE WORLD!!! trust me
she loves to dress herself and comes up with some pretty crazy outfits.
the other day she stayed in her jammies all day. i didn't really care.
except her jammies consisted of long john-too short-flood jammies with a too-small-nightgown on top. nice!
today, she's wearing two skirts over leggings. multiple skirts are a must this season!
she climbs into bed with us every morning to "sleep" which usually ends up meaning wiggling while we're still trying to sleep, but i love my morning M snuggle.

she has completely given up naps and we're still trying to manage "quiet time". she will stay resting or watching a movie for a while but inevitably ends up just following me around! :)
she seems to be threatened by LG which I still haven't figured out how to solve. if she sees that LG is climbing all over me, she has to as well. if she sees me cuddling with LG, she immediately wants some too!
and her brown eyes make me melt!


Grandma Jan said...

Oh my. I love it. Can't wait to see you all. I wish I could put on my Flora Fairy wings and fly down for the weekend. For now, I am loving the dialog and photos on your blog.
Love and Hugs,
Grandma Jan

Grace said...

I miss M too! :(