Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh my.... kudzu!

I went on the most beautiful road trip yesterday! I was enchanted with how beautiful Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia were! I was surrounded by green grass and tall tall GREEN trees all day long! Anyone who doesn't think the South is beautiful, well, they're crazy!

That being said, I was surely grateful to enjoy it from the inside of my air-conditioned car! :)
And I didn't enjoy the freak thunderstorm in Alabama with zero visibility, white-knuckle driving and out of control lightning in the middle of the afternoon.

But here are a few notes.

Mississippi, especially the eastern half, wins the award for best roads! Smooth, clear and QUIET! (Alabama gets a big fat fail on this one!)

Birmingham, Alabama has no interstate going into the western side of this rather large city. Seriously! You have to get off the state highway, wind around on crappy roads through the shady side of town with all the semi's to get to the interstate! It was crazy!

But I was intrigued by the green, leafy vines in Georgia! EVERYwhere!

I called my Mom this morning and it is called Kudzu!
It was originally brought to the US from Asia as a "solution" to erosion. It got a bit out of hand! It's everywhere!!!! It grows on trees, power lines, signs, over the grass.
At least it's pretty! But I bet there are a good many gardeners down here who hate it!!!


Spencer Family said...

We have kudzu here. Not everywhere thank goodness. A friend of mine when I first moved here told me it can grown a foot a day!

Grace said...

I agree completely that the south is gorgeous. It sometimes makes me mad when people say bad stuff about it when they know nothing about it. I think kudzu is pretty, too, but it is definitely everywhere!! :)