Friday, July 2, 2010

Welcome Home!!!

W was supposed to get home at 9pm.
He got to the airport super early though, so he changed his flights and came home five hours early!!!!!!!! The girls were thrilled!

When we got inside, lulu started looking around wildly saying "daddy? daddy? daddy?"
When they saw him, they ran to him on the stairs.
And wouldn't let him out of their sights since then!
So happy that she found her daddy!!
And so happy that she doesn't have to miss her daddy for a few days! :)
The best part is that with the holiday, he doesn't have to leave until Tuesday night!!!


Emily said...

Lulu's so Hollywood in her sunglasses! Such sweet pictures, enjoy your weekend.

Grandma Jan said...

They are obviously glad to see him. And I'm sure he is glad to be home for a few days too.

Grace said...

lulu looks so proud!! almost made me cry!