Thursday, July 8, 2010

Something for baby!

I think I've made my best bag yet! But I don't get to keep it. It's on its way to Colorado!

My lovely assistant will model it for you!

Inside the bag, I tucked a diaper caddy that fits diapers and wipes so you can grab it and go!

Coordinating burp rags, because I like things to match.
Have I mentioned how much I loooooooove my serger? I love the raw edge look and how quick and easy it made these projects.

There's also a nursing cover. It's my first and it's very NOT perfect. Hence no picture. But hopefully it will be put to good use. And it's made with this darling fabric so she will still be stylish!

I made the handles extra long for convenience.

I experimented with free-hand quilting on mom's machine and it was so fun! I love that it's super quilted and once again, not perfect but hey, it's original, right?

I also discovered "super muslin" that was perfect, neutral and sturdy for the lining. And thanks to my friend Ali's advice, I lined the pockets so they were sturdier too!

And now, I have to go make one for myself because I'm in love. With the fabric, with the bag, heck, I might have to have a baby so I can make it all over again for me! :)

sooooooo just kidding!


Grace said...

can you put my name on the list of the recipients of one of those kits when I have a baby?? :)

Heather said...

K, so before I finished reading, my head was already going to , "she's announcing she's pregnant!!" but then you said, "just kidding". You got my hopes up for just a minute!! However, darling bags, and your girls 4th of July T's were SUPER cute!! Why don't you have an etsy shop????

Emily said...

Just opened the box and went to write you an email, swung by your blog and here it is!!! I love it all! The fabric, the quilting, the POCKETS, the matching burp rags. You are my favorite.

And the nursing cover will be perfect - I already tried it on and it gives me the ability to see what the heck I'm doing while still staying discreet. I love you guys, thank you!

And I can't promise that I'll look as cute as Miss M carrying it, but I will try to do it justice :)

Emily said...

Oh, and PS, Thomas has Lu's (and my mom's and mine to a certain degree) forehead birthmark.

Amy said...

Way to go girl! Yes, I think it's about time for you to do Etsy. You have perfected the bag.

Grandma Jan said...

Wonderful bag! Adorable assistant!

ali said...

I love the bag and the fabric! I love that you added the diaper holder- that it my favorite new accessory with my second kid- of course one that you make would be even better!!

Liz&Meg said...

thanks guys!

@most-there is an etsy site out there somewhere, i just have to get up the guts to post things on it! maybe soon. we'll see!

@ali-you want a froggie diaper holder?

@em-soooo glad you like it! i hope it holds up and you enjoy it. It was fun to make and we love you!

Mrs. 5C said...

It is beautiful! So when are you starting an etsy shop? ;)