Thursday, July 15, 2010

So Spoiled

I miss my husband every day.

Sometimes I miss him when I realize I haven't gotten the mail in a week.
I miss him when I'm hauling groceries in the heat up the stairs to the apartment while herding two space cadets inside.
I miss him when the garbage can gets full and smelly. All too often on that one!

I am thankful for the small mercy of the toilet flushing tonight.
It's the little things, people!

Now before you laugh at me or get too grossed out, a few facts.
One, we had to leave our plunger in Minnesota for our renters.
Two, I have no idea how to work a plunger without making an even bigger wet, disgusting mess.
Three, my husband has perfected the art of plunging.
Four, he thanks his frustrating job in Utah for it! :)
Five, I have a knack of remembering to borrow my parents' plunger after the kids are in bed and I'm housebound for the night.
Six, the toilet wasn't really clogged for a week. It was Mama Mia clogged for a week.

You know,
"if it doesn't flush right away, just go away and try again later."
It took a few flushes to get everything down. TMI yet?

Tonight it flushed all the way!
Thank Heaven!
I still miss my husband!


Jen said...

Girl, you need to go buy yourself a plunger. That is a must!

Heather said...

Plungers are so cheap, why don't you own one? I must admit, this posting made me chuckle a little bit. Hang in there Liz, learning new skills isn't a bad thing and your hubby will be so impressed of all the things you've learned since he's been gone!!