Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pillowcases and Crepe Myrtles

The crepe myrtles are in bloom! They drop pretty white and pink flowers all over my car. But I love parking under them because they create great shade!

My girl loves these trees!
She loves to peel the bark off the trees. grrrr!
She loves to swing on the branches and dance around "honey, honey" from Mama Mia!
So, ignore the house in the background and imagine she's dancing on the white Greek stucco countryside.
Because believe me, that's where her imagination is!

and yes, I made pillowcase dresses, perfect for dancing on the Greek shores!
And the pink and blue one is on it's way with its twin to Colorado!


Grandma Jan said...

These dresses are very cute. M is adorable dancing around the tree. She would fit right in with the Mama Mia dancers and singers.

Spencer Family said...

M is gorgeous. I love those dresses!

Tati said...

Beautiful dresses! I love them! She is gorgeous!

Linz said...

Adorable dresses, Liz!!

Grace said...

honey honey how he thrills me uh huh honey honey!!!
So cute!! I like the dresses! :)