Thursday, April 12, 2012

choir c/o Miss M...and the iphone!

Our church choir sang on Sunday. Miss M had fun documenting our Wednesday night practice with my phone.
 This is O. She is her favorite babysitter. I constantly have to remind Miss M to stop hanging on her and to keep some appropriate boundaries. She, in return, cries that it's not fair that O isn't her big sister.
 There were more pictures of O. Our photo bomber is our former frequent babysitter, N. Do I sense some envy there?
 This is Sister R. She is the chorister for our kids every week in Primary and she is A.Ma.Zing! She is so creative and enthusiastic and everyone's favorite part of Primary is Sister R.
 Our fearless leader.  She always loves how we sing. Even when we don't deserve it!
 You know who this one is.
The music was beautiful, the Spirit bore testimony, it was a lovely Easter Sunday!


Musings from Minnesota said...

Is the man in the chair studying?

Fun photos.

Have a great weekend.

Liz said...

nope, he was singin along too!