Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Miss M

So... I wasn't in love with the background they chose for spring pictures. But since she took a beautiful fall picture, and I think the spring pictures are a gimmick anyway ("here is your beautiful package, you can either return it or pay for it!") I chose to return it after snapping a picture of it.  Because she's so stinkin' photogenic!
It's time to check in with Miss M.
She is winding up her kindergarten year with a bang!
She is learning addition and subtraction and I'm amazed all the time at what she's learning.
She can still throw a fit worthy of a two year old-they're just less frequent!
She is writing sentences and letters all the time! (now I need to train her to address and stamp her letters herself and maybe Grandma Jan and Grace would get more of them!)
She would still eat pizza every night of the week if I'd let her.
she still has an affinity for all things pink and all things twirly!
She insisted on cutting her hair short again (which I love!) but then immediately started moaning about how it's not long like a princess anymore! So we're growing it out again, of course!
She is singing along more at church c/o her bang-up reading skills and I love this!
She likes to read to her sister which I also love!
She is wild and clingy and spunky and sweet and funny and cute and I love her to pieces!!

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Musings from Minnesota said...

Love, love, love it. Thanks for sharing. I miss my granddaughters so much. I just have to come visit soon or you have to make it up here in May.

The Twins are awful this year but there are lots of other fun things to do.

Miss you all. Thanks for the updates on M and beautiful picture. We have the fall photo in a great place in the living room and she grins back at me all the time. Love it.