Friday, April 20, 2012


four things I learned on this friday:

1. Miss M has never had a fever of 103 before. It freaked me out a bit! Thank heavens for Tylenol!!

2. My house is a wreck! I have no excuse for this because of lesson number one and that we are home today, but I have been ignoring my house all week. I eat less and definitely snack less when I'm running around town! It's so much easier to munch at home!

3. I am in a major sewing slump! I have a humongous list of things to make and do, but I can't bring myself to break out the sewing machine.

4. Lulu is forming some rather strong opinions lately. She is really into side ponytails. I kind of love this one. She holds out a chunk of hair and demands that we put the ponytail "here"!

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