Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Miss M had safety week. She was amazed that I already knew about "stop, drop and roll" :)
All week long, she was quoting the brilliant "Mayor Sayer", leader of Safety Town.
 Lulu has been testing our sleeping tolerance.  We've had multiple wake ups, tears, taking away toys, beds on the floor, night terrors, and uncomfortable cosleeping.  I promised never to complain about my girls' sleeping because my girls slept through the night at three weeks old.  But now that you know how spoiled I am, you know how distressing this is, three years later! She has consequences, rewards, you name it, but it's not enough yet!
 Earth Day at school brought about "recycled art".  Here is Miss M and her owls nest.  

 My Miss M colored a cute coloring page at my work earlier this week. It was of a bunny sweeping the front step of her little bunny cottage.  Before I knew it, Miss M had cut out the bunny and created a real 3D bunny cottage!
 with a bed, chair, lamp, bushes out front and family picture on the wall!

 I love when she is so creative like this! I love when she thinks outside the box. I love that she let Lulu take it over and play with it for the next two days straight!
Tonight in the bath, they just wanted to play. She played with Lulu's hair, pretending to braid it and curl it.  I love love love my girls!

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