Monday, April 30, 2012

late for luncheon at Downton

So I'm a little late to the party, I know.

I didn't want to watch series two before series one.  And I waited ever so patiently for series one for months until the day before it came in at the library, I found out my friend Rachel had it the whole time! :) But I finished season two this weekend, and I want to talk about it!!!

If you haven't watched Downton Abbey, stop reading and start watching!

Okay, here are my thoughts:

Lady Mary: I know we're supposed to have a love/hate relationship with her, but I'm afraid I fall on the hate side. I don't hate her, but I hate how she treats just about everybody! Matthew's too good for her! I think a lot of Mary's behavior is purely her upbringing-the demands of her social status and how she was taught to treat people, but I also think she's just plain cold sometimes!

Matthew: First, I loved Lavinia, and I am soooo sad that she died. I hope Matthew gets over it, but I also don't think he should be with Mary. Maybe it makes the most sense, but I'm still sad.  He's just a good guy. I hope her death doesn't ruin him.  I think his mother, Isobel is funny, but I can also see why she drives everybody nuts!

Lady Edith: I'm glad she's done double crossing Mary for the moment because I like her. I think she deserves more than she gets. I wanted her to fall in love with one of the soldiers she took care of and live happily ever after!

Lady Sybil: I just love her! I loved her when she came out in those wild pantaloons and headband! I love how she's smart and not afraid of change!

Thomas: I don't trust him. Obviously. Even his good side of helping out while everyone was sick. Wouldn't trust him farther than I could throw him and "with my bad knee", well. You can't trust this guy. And I couldn't figure out how he lasted so long as a servant when everyone knew he was a cheat and a liar.

O'Brien: love the curls, like when she's nice, but also don't trust her.

My favorites though? Of course Anna and Mr. Bates! I love that they finally married and I love that she just wants to be with him! And I love how they made up a room for them after they got married! I love Lady Violet!! She gets the BEST lines!

I thought the housemaid Ethel/baby/soldier fiasco dragged on too much. And I don't think it's done yet. But I guess there had to be something I didn't like about it!
What do you think about Patrick? Was he the wild eyed burn victim? Will he come back?

What are your thoughts? Do you love it? Are you wondering what all the fuss is about?? What will happen next series? How long will we have to wait for it??


jb said...

We live (well you KNOW where we live!) in a place with no TV and we refuse to pay for cable. We must be told about these shows worth watching! Thanks, we will tune in through our Amazon account and check it out.

Emily said...

I watched the first 2 seasons in a total of 3 days I believe. Don't judge
I really dislike Thomas, don't trust O'Brien at all. Love Sybil. Thought the Patrick thing was random and it was almost like they hadn't decided what they wanted to do with him throughout the show.
I have a love hate relationship for Mary.
That's it! I can't wait for season 3 to come out!

Emily said...

Can't wait for season 3, we devoured 1 & 2 in about a week in February - B and I both liked season 2 but much preferred season 1. I actually grew to like Mary through Season 2 - can't stand Thomas (and it pains me to say that!), but I did feel a little bit bad for him with the flour incident.