Friday, March 13, 2009

I heart DVR!

Is it bad that one of the things I love about living here is my parents' DVR?  I love watching what I want when I want... that is, can! Especially when SEC basketball interrupts "Lost"!  or when M asks about the guy that's dying on "Law & Order" and I don't get to watch it live.  

I love "Lost"!!! I love the characters, the story, the twists, the irony and intertwining plots!  I am a Sawyer fan. I'm going to be really mad if Kate returning makes him do something really awful to Juliet.  I love the new guy who can "see dead people"- he gets all the best lines after Sawyer!  I love the island!

My Dad has gotten me hooked on the "Ghost Whisperer" since we moved here.  Once you get past the fact that Jennifer Love Hewitt wears super-dressy, often-revealing outfits to run around dealing with ghosts and that her eyelashes can NOT be real, you can really get sucked in. And I have. I like that not every episode is scary but some are and the cool ideas that they come up with.  

Now here's where my cheeks get red and I duck my head a bit to admit that my Mom has gotten me totally hooked on "Charmed"! It's not on TV anymore but it's on TNT every morning and afternoon and well, I watch it almost every morning and/or afternoon.  Oh, I soooo need to be spending my time better!  And you want to talk revealing clothing! The three witches on this show fight demons in skin-tight, skimpy clothing!  It is cheesy and hokey and I'm hooked!  

So between all those shows (among the many others that I watch now and then), it's no wonder my room is a mess! 


The Montaño’s said...

I know what you mean! Matt got me TIVO for X-mas 2 years ago and I don't know where I'd be without it!! I know all about embarassing pleasures, I watched all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls- TWICE- thanks to good ole Tivo. How did we ever live with out it before!!

Laura said...

LOST is so amazing! Our house watches Ghost Whisperer too!