Friday, March 20, 2009

mom's checklist

I had a sweet conversation with my Mom on the way to a church Enrichment activity. We were talking about my sister's new boyfriend.  He wants to come and visit at the end of the semester! augh! (a boyfriend coming all the way here to meet all of us crazy people!) and it's not the boyfriend that was her Valentine! augh! (she's only nineteen! she can't have boyfriends!) We were talking about a Mom's right to pray for her children and receive revelation for her children.  

In my head, I was thinking, Did she pray about W and me?  Did she get a good feeling and was thrilled with my choice or a bad feeling but supported me anyway? augh again!!

Timidly, I asked her! She said, Oh, I feel totally responsible for W! When we met him, it was like checking things off a list in my head of qualities that I wanted for my daughter.  It was the year that I walked on the treadmill everyday and would walk and ponder and pray a lot.  I prayed for Joe that he would find someone that..... and I prayed that you would find someone that would take care of you and adore you and other qualities that I would list in my prayers. I knew you needed to get married because you'd be such a good mom.  So, I didn't even really need to pray to find out if it's right because he had everything I'd requested for you. 

It made me feel so good about my sweet husband that even if he drives us nuts sometimes, he's exactly not only just what I wanted but what my Mom wanted too.

And that's another reason why my Mom is so wonderful!

**parentheses added for explanation that augh! is not a bad thing. It's more, I can't believe my sister has a boyfriend that might come to visit and she's nineteen!


Emily said...

My sister told me that after my parents met Baird for the first time they said "We're going to know him for a very long time". Funny how parents just know what's right. That's such a sweet story, and not only are you a great couple but you have wonderful girls. But I'm confused by the aughs, is the new boyfriend a good thing or not?

Liz&Meg said...

it is a good thing, it's more, augh! she's nineteen and has a serious boyfriend! she's my little sister!!!

Travis Wilson said...

Lindsay's mom hated me when we were dating. She's completely turned around and is not the stereotyped scary mother-in-law at all; she's wonderful. I can imagine you mom doing all that stuff you mention. She is pretty wonderful - good upbringing.