Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What to make, what to sew!

I got some new, yummy fabrics this morning. Mom and I went with Teriney and descended on two stores with all our girls and found some lovely fabric. I've been drooling over this line for the past few weeks. In a few weeks, it will be some very cute Easter dresses for two cuter girls I know!

I'm going to mix and match the stripes and small flowers so the dresses "match" but are individual.  

Now, what to make???

This one?
or maybe this one?
this one's cute too!


Grace said...

I vote for the second one on the right or the last one. :)

Amy said...

Love them all! Maybe you need to go back to the fabric store and get enough to make all 3.

Amanda said...

We just found out we are having another boy... so I am a little jealous of these cute patterns! I will have to look on etsy for some fun boy things to sew... cause McCalls/Simplicity/etc. only have lame shorts or jogging suits.