Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's all mine fault!

I took M to the doctor last week. I was worried that potty training had given her a UTI.  M would NOT give the doctor a urine sample. shocking, I know! Then the doctor sat down and asked if we'd had any big changes lately like going back to work.

ummm... yeah.

She then told me to back off toilet training completely until M tells me she'd ready and gave me some handouts.  A week later, I'm reading the handouts.

I'm such a good mom.

One has a list of do's and don'ts to prevent toilet training problems.  Here are the don'ts:


Don't try to start teaching your child to use the toilet when he is in a stubborn or negative phase.
Don't use any kind of punishment or pressure. guilty
Don't force your child to sit on a potty chair or keep him on it against his will. guilty
Don't flush the toilet while your child is sitting on it.
Don't lecture or remind your child. guilty
Avoid friction about using the toilet. guilty
Avoid battles or showdowns about using the toilet. guilty
Don't try to control what you can't control. guilty
Never escalate your response, you will always lose. guilty
Don't appear overconcerned about this normal body function. Be casual and relaxed during your child's learning process. guilty
When your child begins to use the toilet, don't expect perfection. Some accidents will probably occur for months.

C. R. A. P.

The good news is that I WAS doing okay on the do's list as well. I apparently don't know what the heck I'm doing!  And so she's spent the last week having some accidents and varying between panties and pullups and diapers.  And thus the princess potty diaries will continue... on and on and on and on!


Heather said...

I told you to contact me if you wanted to learn a different approach silly girl! If you'd rather back off and let M take the wheel, it might also be better for you both too.

Grandma Jan said...

Poor M. She'll get it soon. She's a bright girl. But I'm sure it won't hurt to take a break from the princess potty. I am so excited to see my family in April. Hang in there. Love to all.

Marci said...

I"m totally guilty of a lot of those too.