Friday, March 5, 2010

I made button holes! and tucks!

spring is coming!
i told M we needed to make new duds for church.
at the fabric store, i knew she needed to help me pick out the fabric or she might not wear the finished product. (remember the red and black peasant dress? yeah, no one else does either because she REFUSED to ever wear it!!!)
i stuck her in front of the calico wall and told her she could choose a purple, green or blue.
(i'm trying to diversify her pink wardrobe)
she chose a lovely purple floral and together we matched it with a lavender polka dot.
i was thrilled to find the same floral in blue and lulu's dress came together in a "matching" yellow and blue!
lulu was NOT interested in posing!
next up, hair accessories to go with!
this lovely pattern comes together so easily and beautifully!
i was so pleased!
i chickened out of the buttons last time though and made myself do them this time! (the last jumpers i made didn't last long enough without button holes!)
instead of gathering the skirt, i made tucks and pleats and LOVE how they came out!
still working on easter dresses...
stay tuned!


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Grandma Jan said...

Dresses look great. You are sewing some beautiful pieces. It's lovely to see the girls in them too.